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Younger Generations

Updated: Mar 20

For the younger folks out there - "younger" changes as you get older, so by this I mean 30 or so and under.

Wow! What a georgeous day it’s been and what a gorgeous place to spend it here in the traditional territory of the Kluane First Nation. I feel very grateful to be here today. I’ve spent the day skiing. Thank you.

I’m 51. If you’re 30 or so or younger, I’m particularly interested in hearing from you. You see, I think you’re getting shafted. I think your generation is getting shafted and I think it’s my generation that‘s doing it. There’s a lot of big crises looming on the horizon or that we’re already in. We’re hurtling headlong into this climate catastrophe. The gap between rich and poor seems to get bigger every year. And we seem to have lost our ability to talk to each another, to communicate, to listen. Can’t find common ground any more.

These things are solvable. We can get past this. I think it starts with recognizing realistically where we are at. And part of that is realizing that we have hope. There is a brighter future ahead if we want it, if we strive for it. We need to learn how to talk to each other again. How to have our differences but still respect each other.

But most of all we need to learn how to engage. Engage our peers, engage our politicians, engage each other. From there I think we can find a brighter horizon.

That’s what I think, but I’d love to know what you think. You can leave me a message at Log on. Let me know what comes from your head. Let me know what comes from your heart.

Thank you.

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