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Risk. Leadership. Economic Development

Updated: Mar 17

Let me know what you think about economic development in the Kluane region.




Do these words really belong together? I think they do.

Being self employed most of my life, if I’ve learned one thing it’s that taking a risk is necessary to make money.

As guide over the years, I’ve learned a lot about leadership. When the cards are on the table what is needed is clear and decisive leadership.

Leadership and risk are the missing ingredients for economic development here in Kluane.

Leadership will help us implement a clear vision of where we need to go. A vision of a local economy that isn’t dependant on the trickle down of government jobs.

Taking risks will be necessary along the way. Along with the things we get right, we will get some wrong.

My vision for Kluane, involves both tourism and resource industries. Let me give you a couple of examples.

I think the key for tourism in the Dakwakada / Haines Junction area is local tourism. Thirty thousand people live just up the road in Whitehorse and want that to come here for the weekend. Imagine the difference one single full time government job would make - one person to clear, maintain and catalogue our local trails. What a sales tool.

Here’s another idea. Right now, when logging we waste the deciduous trees, the aspen and poplar. This is a ceiling I just worked on in a local house. This is locally harvested aspen. Government investment in a kiln to dry the wood would give local mills the ability to turn what is now waste into hardwood for floors, cabinets and trim.

These are just a couple of ideas.

I want to know what your ideas are.

Visit my website at, drop me a line and let me know what you think.

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