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Old White Guy Diversity

Updated: Mar 17

Bet you can't guess who the old white guy is . . .

I know, why is some middle aged, straight white guy talking about diversity.

In many ways, I am the definition of privileged. And I think that shapes my place in this discussion.

Diversity isn’t just about gender identity or sexual orientation. It’s also the colour of our skin, our cultural background, or socio-economic status. Diversity is all of the things that make us different.

Differences are our strength, they are what make us beautiful. In those differences we will find the answers to the challenges we face today.

I am male. I am able bodied. I am the colonizer.

My responsibility begins with listening. Listening to those who don’t fit the definition of privilege as neatly as I do.

But that’s just where it begins. I am also responsible to hold space for voices different than my own. I am responsible to value perspectives that come from different lived experiences. I am responsible to recognize my own privilege, to question my own perspective and bias.

No two trees in the forest are identical. The earth needs bio-diversity to maintain health and balance.

This is beauty. This is strength. This is the wisdom that human diversity offers us.

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