• Dave Weir

Climate Doesn't Do Politics

I’m Dave Weir, and I'm here today on this cold, blustery day, here at A’ay Chu, the Slims River, in the beautiful traditional territory of the Kluane First Nation. I am truly grateful to be able to be here today.

You know, climate doesn’t do politics.

This place is a symbol. It's a symbol of how we are failing our children - and the fact that we still have the opportunity to do right by them.

A few years ago water stopped running down A’ay Chu. It was one of many more changes to come. Changes that are the result of the drastic disruptions we see in our climate. A’ay Chu is the tip of the iceberg, the canary in the coal mine.

Climate doesn’t listen to empty promises, empty words. Right now, the path we are on, the targets we have set are simply inadequate.

It is beyond time to drop the political spin and address reality.

We are extremely dependent on the outside world, for food, for energy, for almost everything. But this is within our power, right here in the Yukon, to change.

Yukon used to be food secure. We can make it food secure again - our population has grown, but it is still small and we have an array of technology and knowledge on our side.

Yukon used to be energy secure. We can make it so again, the availability and affordability of green local energy is exponentially beyond what it was even a few years ago.

We can do right by our children.

We must.

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