"Kluane is a unique area, conversation is the first step in walking toward our shared future."

About Dave

The way here

I was born in Switzerland, en route to Congo where my parents were missionaries. Since then, I have also lived in Scotland, Ohio, Ontario, and British Columbia. In 2007 we moved to Haines Junction, creating a lifestyle that allowed for more family time. My partner and I were married in 1998 and we have two grown boys currently pursuing their own dreams.

A passion for the outdoors led me to a career in guiding - in climbing, hiking and sea kayaking. I have been privileged to guide in many locations including B.C., Alaska, the Sea of Cortez, Patagonia, Labrador, Antarctica and most significantly in the High Arctic. Simultaneously, I have pursued a career in construction. My construction company has been successful both in BC and Yukon, employing up to 12 people.

I have spent most of my life self employed, earning a living with determination and hard work - taking risks and creating opportunities for myself and others. In Haines Junction, I have volunteered for several organizations including the ambulance service and the local soccer club. I have served on both School Council and Village Council. I bring with me a breadth of vision and a passion for justice and equality.

On my path I have learned much from family, friends and community, but most of all from the Land upon which we walk.

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